Charity Baby Shower- You’re Invited!

January 3, 2019

At the launch of the Allied Foundation‘s first Diaper Drop Off Box back in November, my heart broke when I found out that 1 in 3 families with babies here on Long Island are in need of diapers. Then my heart broke even more when I was told that these families also don’t have basic supplies either and things like blankets, strollers, walkers, car seats or enough clothing that they need to take care of their babies. I immediately offered to donate and host a charity baby shower in an effort to get other moms to do the same.

As I start to get ready for this new baby and begin to go through my closets, I am reminded of how blessed we were to receive so many gifts for Christian. I got doubles of things and so many wonderful hand me downs that I have baby items with tags on them or that were barely used packed away. I have clothing that he grew out of so fast or that were the wrong season. Even with a new baby coming, there is still so much I can donate. What a great way to create space in the New Year and do something kind for someone else.

I have to be honest, a few days ago when I was sitting alone on New Year’s Eve after my visiting family all left, my husband was working and my son was sleeping, suddenly severe anxiety set in that I was no way ready for this baby. I started frantically looking for things online and felt panicked. Getting ready for this event helped me to re-set and realize that I have everything I need and more, and of course count my blessings with great gratitude. It’s amazing how doing something good for someone else, even something small, always puts me right back into alignment.

So, if you’d like to join me on Wednesday, January 9th, at KingFish in Westbury from 6-8 pm – it’s free they just ask you bring an item to donate, please RSVP here!

You can also donate to the Allied Foundation any time, and drop off diapers at any Allied location. If you need help, contact them or call 211.