Celebrity Events in the Hamptons

October 29, 2018

Covering celebrity events in the Hamptons is such a unique journalistic experience. Unlike most red carpets and media events in NY and LA, out in the Hamptons, most celebrities are on vacation or have summer homes out east and incorporate the weekend events into their family itinerary… that means many bring their kids!

I LOVE seeing “stars” in their natural environments, not all made up and surrounded by a team of press people. I enjoy watching them interact with their partners and children and nannies sometimes too. I think I get a much truer sense and appreciation of who they are.

I’ve always admired Rachel Zoe. In my eyes, she has it all. She’s a queen of reinvention, a successful media mogul, entrepreneur, philanthropic, not to mention her sense of style. I follow her on social media and her life looks picture perfect.

When she showed up at her Social Life Magazine cover party polo event, looking absolutely flawless btw, I was excited that she brought along her husband Rodger, her Nanny and two sons. I don’t know why I was surprised that her kids were like every other kid. Her little guy, 4-year-old Kaius, wanted his mom. He ran under the press rope and just wanted to be with her and started crying a little at one point. And her older son, Skyler who is 7, brought along his dinosaur figure which he carried in every photo and photobombed my entire interview with until I finally had an opportunity to acknowledge his prehistoric pal!

Rachel explained that she lives in a “Jurassic World” ( a world I can relate to these days as our collection of dinosaurs is growing by the day). Skyler was excited to tell me that his mom doesn’t like reptiles and that he wants a bearded dragon, a request that Rachel quickly shut down!

When I watched the interview back, I was cracking up when I noticed Rachel talking to me casually all the while trying to nonchalantly push her son’s dinosaur down so it wouldn’t get in our interview. Now that’s a real mom moment. And a multi-tasking mom!

Although it was like 100 degrees and our interview was only a few minutes long, I was happy I got to opportunity to tell Rachel that I appreciate that she is honest about her struggle to balance it all as a working parent.

She replied, “I think any working mother will tell you, you never feel like you have it all together. Maybe on the outside, but on the inside, I feel a little bit like a hamster on a wheel.”